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Breaking and Entering / About the Writer/Director

About the Writer/Director

Following a successful “first” career that culminated in ownership and executive management positions at major global direct marketing agencies, Michael William Hogan made an abrupt career change in 2006 to pursue his dream of writing and making movies. With three short films and numerous award-winning feature and short screenplays under his belt, his screenwriting and filmmaking pursuits were unexpectedly placed on a nine-year pause so he could attend to a family health crisis.

By late 2019, Michael recommitted to the dream with a vengeance. Through 2020, his screenplays had garnered over 180 film festival and screenwriting competition awards, including over 50 outright wins. 22 of those wins were earned by his short drama script,
“Breaking & Entering”.

One would think that such screenwriting success would draw the attention of producers, agents and managers. Their respective vision, however, was apparently blurred by the COVID-crazed and politically charged year that was 2020. Undeterred, and motivated by the positive reception for the “Breaking & Entering” script, Michael pulled together a diverse production team of award-winning international filmmakers and decided to make his “professional” directorial debut.

“Breaking & Entering” entered post-production in February 2021. Michael has since begun working toward packaging his first feature film based on his award-winning faith-based drama screenplay, “The Near-Death Experience of Dr. John Dantry”. For additional information, visit: www.mwhogan.com